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April 24 -- The topwater bite was exciting this week as trout crushed Super Spook Jrs, Skitterwalks and She Dogs on the incoming tide. Our warmer than normal spring has our fishing about 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
Drifting has been good on live shrimp under a Mid Coast cork. There are just a lot of good fish out there right now. Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge and my weekly report with photos on the Texas Insider Fishing Report on Fox Sports Southwest Thurs-Sat.
We still have a boat or two available for the Texas Oilman's Tourney in July.


April 16 -- Easter weekend weather was good and so were our catches. We caught solid trout wading and drifting with soft plastics and topwaters. This week's weather looks good as well. Our tides are back to normal and the new water has pushed lots of glass minnows and mullet to the shorelines.Follow our catches of Instagram @matagordasunriselodge and theTexas Insider Fishing Report @tifrtv on Fox Sports Southwest Thurs-Sat. each week.


April 10 -- Springs winds have determined where we are fishing. The wind blew stiff this week but we were able to find good trout wading guts in West Bay. Drifting out of the boat was tougher at times. We did manage good catches of trout out of the boat on Down South Lures and Bass Assassins and better catches with live shrimp in off-colored water. When you can still catch fish in dirty water you know your bay system is in good shape.

April 3 -- Water temps are in the 70s and the topwater bite has improved. Wading has been most productive with windy conditions. However, we have still caught some heavy trout out of the boat, even in off-colored water. The afternoon bite has been good as well. Lots of glass minnows showing in West Bay on the incoming tide. April is a good time to work half a day then head to Matagorda in the afternoon and catch some fish.
The Texas Insider Fishing Report debuts this week on Fox Sports Southwest. I will be giving the weekly Middle Coast Report. Showtimes are 11pm Thurs, 7am Friday and Saturday.
Boats are available, even a few weekend dates remain open for April.


March 27 -- Water temps reached 74 degrees this weekend, warm enough for some to ditch the waders. Wading was best this week with spring winds. We did find admirable catches while drifting, even in the wind.
Boats are available this week. Still a lot of big trout in the middle of the bay.
Tune in the debut of Texas Insider Fishing Report on Fox Sports Southwest beginning April 6.
I'll be giving the middle coast rundown.


March 19 -- A good barometer of how many fish are in a bay system is the ability to catch fish even in tough, windy, off-colored water conditions. When the wind blew catching was tougher, but we managed admirable boxes of fish. Check out Capt. Tommy Alexander's 9-pound trout he caught in the wind. That's 9 pounds after the fish coughed up a 10-inch mullet on the way to the boat. As winds subsided, we got back to finding limits while drifting. Waders continued to catch limits of trout and scattered redfish even with the wind. Spring is here. We have boats available.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.
We still have lodging and boats available for the Oilman's Tournament in July.

March 12 -- The past week probably yielded the best catches of 2017. We only fished early in week due to attending the Houston Fishing Show Wed-Sun, but the two days we fished we released 10 trout over five pounds while drifting. Our bay system just continues to amaze. There's not very many places in this world you can catch that many large trout so consistently. Spring Break is this week. We have boats available. Afternoon fishing is often just as solid as morning trips this time of year.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.

March 6 -- Fishing out of the boat was a little more challenging last week with stiff winds, but if you were willing to wade catches were pretty good on soft plastics and Soft-Dines. Guts and sloughs produced most of the fish. Tides swelled to spring levels later in the week allowing for good redfish action in the back lakes.
We will be at the Houston Fishing Show Wed-Sun this week, but will be back on the water Monday Mar. 13 for the start of Spring Break. We have boats available morning and afternoon of Spring Break.
If you are coming to the show Wed-Fri we have tickets available if you give us a call or text 30 min before you arrive. Looking toward July, we have a boat or two and one house available for the Texas Oilman's Tournament.

Feb 27 -- Trout to near 8 pounds (picture) were caught while drifting over deep shell. Limits of trout were caught while wading in West Bay with pink MirrOlure Soft-Dines. Tides have returned and water temps are inching closer to 70 degrees. Fishing just keeps getting better and better.
We will be at the Houston Fishing Show March 8-12. Come by and say hello. If you would like come to the show we have complimentary tickets available for Wed-Fri.

Feb 20 -- Matagorda Bay continues to produce good catches. Early in the week when the wind was blowing from the north, we caught limits of trout wading back lakes on MirrOlure Soft-Dines.
Then the winds subsided and south winds returned and we worked the deep reefs in East Bay for limits of trout, including a few big ones. We will be at the Houston Fishing Show March 8-12 at the GRB. We will have free tickets available Wed-Friday if you would like to attend. All it takes is a call or text a few minutes before you get to the door. Spring Break is less than a month away. Get the kids away from their phones and get them outside on a boat.


Feb 12 -- I know Phil saw his shadow, but it really doesn't matter if we have another month of winter because we really have not had a winter anyway. When is the last time water temps reached 70 degrees in February?
We are reaping the benefits of a warm winter with spring-like catches of speckled trout.
We released a lot of big trout this week (over 8 pounds) while drifting with plastics.
Topwaters have worked as well while wading and drifting.
It's a great start to 2017.
Call, text or email Bink Grimes
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Feb 4 --- We put away the shotguns and grabbed the rods and caught limits wading and drifting. Deep shell in East Bay is producing on soft plastics while guts and sloughs in West Bay are holding solid trout on Bass Assassins and MirrOlure Soft-Dines. Water temps are in the upper 60s. It is more of a spring-like bite.
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Dec 12 ---- Fishing was fabulous this week before the cold front blew through. Then the warm weather returned today (Sunday) and limits of trout were caught under birds. More of the same mild weather is forecasted for this week and fishing should be great. Afternoons this time of year are just as good.
Duck season opened back up this weekend and hunts were solid. Lots of new birds showed during the split along with strong concentrations of geese and sandhill cranes. Crane season opens this Saturday (Dec.17) and it should be a good one.This will be our last report for 2016 but we will be hunting and fishing every day. So call, text or email if you want to get in one more fishing or hunting trip in 2016. Follow our catches and hunts on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge
Merry Christmas!

Nov 28 -- Early this past week was probably the best fishing we have enjoyed in 10 years. Our fall fishing has been stellar and should continue through December. Equally good has been our duck and goose hunting.The first split of duck season ended Sunday, however, it will reopen Dec.10 with two weeks of rest for the ducks. Goose hunting remains open and has improved with limits of specklebellies and good numbers of snows willing to decoy.
December dates are still available for both casting and blasting.

Nov 21 -- It's that time of year when you don't know whether to hunt or fish - both or equally good right now. Many are doing both.We are holding ALOT of ducks and geese. This weekend over a dozen groups shot full limits of ducks.We have caught limits of trout and scattered redfish while working deep shell on Bass Assassins and topwaters. We have afternoons available to fish this week. I like PM fishing better this time of year. We have room for duck hunts this week through the weekend, especially Friday. While the women are getting up early for Black Friday you might as well get up to shoot some ducks. The first split ends Sunday.
Follow our daily reports on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.


Nov 14 - Lots of casting and blasting this week. Neither disappointed. When you can catch 30-40 fish on an afternoon session - fishing is just plain good. We saw an influx of duck late in the week. Decoying action has been steady. Check out all of our harvests on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.
We have a spot open to hunt Saturday (19th) and still have a spot for the Friday (25th) after Thanksgiving.

Nov 7 -- Duck season opened this weekend and all of our groups shot full limits Saturday and Sunday.
And, like fishing, when we do get some cooler weather, it will only get better.
I can't say enough about Matagorda fishing. This week we threw topwaters from the boat and caught limits to five pounds. Afternoons are just as good as mornings this time of year and we have boats available.
Due to a late cancellation, we have a hunt available this Saturday Nov.12.
Follow our catches and harvests on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.



Oct 30 -- Limits of trout and near limits of redfish were the norm this week while drifting. We also found big redfish while wading the shorelines as well. Fishing is just plain good - not much more to say.
It doesn't feel like fall but the ducks have arrived. We are holding good concentrations for this weekend's Nov.5 opener. We do have one Saturday opening on Nov.12.
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Oct 24 -- Our fishing stayed red hot this week. Lots of trout, sand trout and redfish were caught while drifting or wading. More ducks and geese arrived this week with the bright moon and cool front. Duck season opens in 2 weeks on Nov.5. We still have one spot for opening weekend on Nov. 6th.

Oct 17 -- Unseasonably warm temps was the norm this week. Water temps warmed to the 80s which put fish back in a summer pattern. We caught lots of fish over deep shell on plastics and live shrimp. Had trout to seven pounds we released. A cool front is forecasted for the end of the week which should put us back in a fall pattern.
Despite highs in the lower 90s a lot of ducks showed this week - probably due to freezing rain and snow in Canada and the full moon. Duck season opens Nov.5 and we have a spot or two still available for opening weekend.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.


Oct 3 - I can't remember fishing the surf in late September, much less Oct.1. But that is exactly what happened this week. Thursday - Saturday the surf was fishable and there were lots of fish. Of course, there are plenty of fish in the bay, too, as some of our other boats proved.
It felt good having to wear a jacket with the cool early morning weather. It's October and our fishing is good. We have boats available.

Sept 24 - Another teal season is in the books and it was a good one. Thank your local rice farmer because more rice means more ducks and that was definitely the case. If teal season is a precursor to the regular duck and goose season, look for more awesome hunts. Duck season opens Nov.5.
Fall fishing begins this week and already big trout are being caught (picture below). There are lots of shrimp in our bays and the coming days should be really, really, really good. We still have a few weekends available as well as weekdays.
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Sept 19 - First week of teal season was pretty good. Limits were the norm. We saw an influx of birds mid-week with the full moon. We have lots of rice which is holding impressive numbers of bluewings. The season runs through Sunday Sept. 25.
We caught redfish in the back lakes and along shorelines this week. Trout remain in a summer pattern with water temps in the mid 80s.


Sept 12 - Teal season opened this weekend and it was good. Lots of birds in second-cropped rice.
Did a little cast and blast as the photos below will tell.
Limits of trout were caught while drifting this week with bonus large sand trout. High tides have also jumped started redfish action along the shorelines.
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Aug 28 -- Drifting in the bay for trout and redfish was good on Gulps under a popping cork and live shrimp. We waded for limits of trout in West Bay on topwaters and soft plastics as well.
Teal have shown in force and conditions look solid with an abundance of rice and water. The season runs Sept.10-25. We have boats and lodging available for the Labor Day Weekend.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.


Aug 21 -- We dodged rain all week but caught fish on topwaters while wading and out of the boat while drifting with shrimp and soft plastics. More light southeast winds are forecasted for this week. We have boats available.
Lots of teal showed up over the weekend on the heels of the bright full moon. Lots more rice on the prairie this year - just what bluewings like.
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Aug 14 -- The past week was not the easiest week of fishing with southwest winds. We managed good catches despite off-colored water. The good news is the "sweet Southeast" wind returned Sunday and is forecasted for the entire week. Southeast wind is conducive to rain and a low barometer and our fish bite so much better.
A few teal have begun to show and the season runs Sept.10-15. Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.

Aug 8 -- Fishing remains very consistent. We were able to get in the surf for a day last week and it was GOOOD! Then the Gulf got a little rough so we went back in the bay and 5 boats took full limits of trout.
We waded a few days as well and took fast limits of trout on Super Spook Jrs while wading sand and grass.
Teal season is 30 days away and already a few bluewings are showing.
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July 31 -- July is gone and it as a good one on Matagorda Bay. Piles of fish were caught wading and drifting this week. As far as August goes, it is normally a month with light winds. We hope to get back in the surf at least one more time. If not, the bay will do just fine. We have weekdays available.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.

July 24 -- Winds were light all week and our catches were heavy. It has been hot but we have caught our trout and redfish and returned to the dock before the sun gets cooking. Wading has been much cooler and solid trout have come from reefs and while tossing topwaters on the south shoreline. Fish were caught in the surf this week as well. Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.


June 26 - Another good week a fishing in Matagorda. We waded for limits of trout early in the week and drifted for mixed bags of speckled trout, sand trout and redfish through the weekend. It has been a solid June.
This week winds are forecasted 5 knots or less which means East Bay, West Bay and the surf are all players. We still have boats available for July 4th weekend. We have been getting on the water early and off before the sun cooks.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.


June 19 -- The week started kind of tough with southwest winds but got better with a return to light winds. Capt. Michael Kubecka's boat caught and released a true 10-pound trout Saturday. Winds were less than 5 knots Sunday and the rest of the week is forecasting the same. We will be wading with topwaters early in the week and drifting deep reefs in East Bay. The surf has a good chance to get right as well.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.

June 12 --- This past week was probably the best week of summer fishing Matagorda has enjoyed in about 10 years. Birds worked over 5-9 pound speckled trout and fish ate topwaters wading or drifting. It was just plain good - a testament to the prosperity of our estuary.
Congrats to Capt. Tommy Alexander and his Team Sunrise Lodge boat that won the artificial division of the Texas Trio Fishing Tournament while claiming over $37,000 in prize money. We are proud of you Tommy Boy!
We do have boats available this week, including Thursday and Friday. Call, text or email for info.
Follow our catches @matagordasuniselodge on Instagram.

June 5 --- Lots and lots of rain last week, but we dodged storms and caught piles of fish. Wading was good on Down South Lures and Super Spooks and drifting was good on Gulps and live shrimp. Trout are really eating topwaters and the surf could get "right" this week.
The good news is the forecast calls for dry skies and light winds all week.
Follow our catches on @matagordasunriselodge.

May 31 -- The holiday week and weekend was a good one except for Friday when winds blew about 35 mph. We are still finding big trout and lots of keepers in between.
Caught limits wading early in the week and good numbers drifting with plastics. Still have June dates open. We are kid-friendly as the photo attests.
Call, text or email - Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.

May 23 --- Wading with topwaters or drifting with corks produced really nice speckled trout this week. Seems like a broken record but fishing continues to be as consistent as we have seen in a decade. We have a few boats open Tues-Thurs this week and look forward to a busy Memorial Day Weekend. The kids will be out of school in a week and June will be upon us. Surf, wading, drifting, all are June possibilities.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge....

May 14 --- Just a solid, solid week of fishing. Winds were less than 10 knots and we caught limits out of the boat most of the week. Saturday we caught limits while wading with topwaters and soft plastics. Matagorda continues to get better and better. Good catches of trout were caught in the surf over the weekend.
We have boats available Mon-Fri this week.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge...


May 8 --- It sounds like a broken record, but our fishing continue to be solid, solid, solid. Most days this past week at least one speckled trout in the 5-7 pound range was caught and released on our boats. It only gets better as May grows older and summer arrives.
The surf was green and flat for a few afternoons this week. The speckled trout are there and we will give it a look on the next light north wind.
We still have boats available for May.
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May 2 --- The talk at the cleaning table between captains has been the disbelief at just how good our fishing has been, even in not so conducive weather.
For instance, Friday winds gusted to 30 knots are better all day. We drifted in the rough water over mud and shell and still caught limits of trout and released a 7-pounder.
This weekend winds subsided and the bay greened up and it was pretty easy finding limits of trout.
Early in the week we caught limits of trout and several others that were released - all on topwaters while wading.
Water temps were 80 degrees when I left the bay Sunday afternoon.
Light winds are forecasted this week and we have boats available.
Don't forget Mother's Day Sunday.
We still have boats available for the Oilman's Tourney in July.
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April 24 --- While many folks affected by flooding didn't have fishing on their mind this week, those who were able to get out enjoyed some of the best catches of the year. Big trout bit this week. We released multiple fish over 7 pounds and the fish in the photo was over 8 pounds. Drifting was good on soft plastics and live shrimp. We caught limits of trout on topwaters while wading reefs as well. With all the rain the Colorado River came out of its banks and was at 43 feet in Bay City Friday. It has since dropped to around 30 feet now.
The rainwater only affects about 5% of the water we fish. In fact, it makes catching easier in West Bay by congregating fish pushed out of the river from the flood.
We have boats open this week and the weather looks good.

April 18 --- Caught limits of trout all week while tossing Bass Assassins, Down South Lures and live shrimp. It got tougher over the weekend with east winds gusting to over 30 mph, but we still managed admirable catches. The big fish photo is a 40-plus pound black drum that crashed the party while we were catching speckled trout.
Have a few openings this week but more dates available the last week of April and in to May.
Every time we get significant rain we get calls asking how it affects our fishing. The answer is: it does nothing but help. Freshwater is a blessing; and, the reason Matagorda fishing is on fire in 2016 is due to the flood rains of 2015.
Call, text or email and follow our catches at the dock on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.

Sidenote: April 26 of 2014 and 2015 my boat caught and released a 30-inch trout. Don't know what it is about the date, but I still have an opening for April 26,2016.

April 10 --- Our great spring fishing continued this week, mainly while drifting over scattered. Matagorda Bay continues to impress in both East and West bays. Water temps are easing close to 70 degrees and it won't be long until we wade wet. Some of the trout we caught wading in West Bay coughed up glass minnows this week.
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April 3 --- Chamber of Commerce weather is forecasted for this week. Good trout continue to be caught drifting. Better trout have been found wading guts and sloughs. We catch a lot of big fish in April and spring continues to be wonderful.
We have boats available this Saturday and Sunday due to a cancellation. Call, text or email and we can get you on the water.
We also have one house and two boats open for the Oilman's Tournament in July.
Follow us on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.

March 27 --- If this April is anything like the past two Aprils, expect some big trout to be caught. Things are really looking good this spring on Matagorda Bay. Wading or drifting, fishing has been impressive. Glass minnows should begin to show on the shorelines in the afternoon in West Bay this month. And, speckled trout and large Gulf trout are hanging over deep shell in East Bay....We have boats available this week, morning or afternoon....Follow us on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge

March 20 -- Spring Break and the Fishing Show is over. It's beautiful outside and the fish are biting. It turned a little chilly this weekend but will warm up nicely this week. We have been catching trout and redfish wading and drifting. Our bays are in great shape.
Hope you enjoy your Easter Weekend and make plans to attend church with your family.
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(We still have boats and lodging available for the Texas Oilman's Tournament in July)

March 13 --- The bays continue to impress this spring. We caught trout to five pounds this week drifting with soft plastics. Sunday morning we caught limits of trout while wading with MirrOlure Soft-Dines and red shad Bass Assassins. We have boats available early in the week, but will be at the Houston Fishing Show Wed-Sun.
Come by and say hello. If you book a fishing trip with lodging we will send you home with a Waterloo rod. We have tickets available Wed-Fri so give us a shout and we will meet you with tickets at the door.
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March 7 --- Caught fish early in the week wading and ended the week with pretty good catches while drifting in stiff winds. Water temps are nearing 70s degrees. Our bays are in great shape. We will be at the Houston Fishing Show March 16-20. Come by and see us. Our show special includes a free Waterloo rod.
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Feb 29 --- Early in the week fishing was good with limits while wading. Then the cold front blew in and dropped water temps about 15 degrees and fishing slowed. Then it warmed back up this weekend and the fish bit pretty good while wading and drifting.
It's March now, spring is in the air. Boats available morning or afternoon. Afternoon wades or drifts are popular this time of year.
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See us at the Fishing Show March 16-20 at the GRB.

Feb. 21 ... February continues to impress. The spring-like conditions has allowed us to stay on big schools of fish. With the exception of mid-week, the forecast calls for more mild temperatures as we head to March. Spring Break is less than a month away. Start making plans to get the kids on the water. We have boats available this week and weekend.
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Feb 15 --- Spring-like weather is forecasted for this week. Our fishing has been really solid. Limits of trout and a few redfish and flounder have come while wading, but we also have done well drifting with Bass Assassins and Gulps. Our tides were low last week, but the south wind has returned and pumped more water in the bay. We have boats open this week to remedy cabin fever.
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Feb 8 .. Trout continue to eat Bass Assassins and MirrOlure Soft-Dines in guts and bayous along the south shoreline. The Matagorda Bay system impresses me daily at the number of fish it is coughing up. All that freshwater from 2015 has revived our bays and made for incredible fishing.
Call, text or email...Follow us on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.


Feb 1 ... Winter fishing is good. The photos attest. Solid trout being caught on Bass Assassins, Down South Lures and MirrOlure Soft-Dines. Limits were the norm this week. Call, text or email.
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Jan. 23 ... We ended duck season with a 30-minute, 30-bird limit Sunday morning. Now it's all fishing. Capt. Glenn Ging put his customer on a beautiful trout weighing 8.5 pounds on a Boga Sunday (photo below).
Another cold front is forecasted to blow through Monday but the weather looks awesome from Thursday through the weekend. We have boats available to wade or drift.
Follow our catches on Instagram @matagordasunriselodge.

Jan. 11.... Two weeks of duck season left and it finally got cold. The lockup to the north from freezing ponds has sent lots more ducks to us in Texas. Hunting has been very good.
Fishing has, too, while drifting over deep shell with Bass Assassins.
Don't let winter lull you to sleep, those sunshine days after a cold front get fish to biting.
We have few duck hunting and sandhill crane spots left for the coming weekend and a few days during the week.
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